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Truck Driver 3D


Find a jobCombed the docks, gas stations, roadside motels and other places in search of lucrative contracts.Become a mogulBuild your own transportation empire and monopolize the market of freight traffic in North America.The customer is always rightImprove your reputation by fulfilling the orders on time. Major customers love only those who are able to answer for his words!Size mattersHold the high-carriage, which are able to carry out only a few dozen heavy trucks. Convoy escorts and expose its collision with the police!
Big car. Big business. If you think that the transport of cargo on a big truck over long distances - employment,having a certain romance and charm, then this game is for you. If you think that this is boring pastime - it is especially for you!Play Hard Truck and make sure that you are wrong. The cargo must be delivered on time! Contract and go on a journey along the roads of 11 US states.But just to come on a schedule not enough, we must also ahead of the competition, to correctly determine the amount of cargo and post it, to monitor the fuel level and avoid problems with the police. The delay will cost you dearly. Oh, and do not forget the most important thing - hold on tight to the steering wheel!You are driving a big car.